Tofts Aberdeen Angus Breeding Programme

Today the Tofts Aberdeen Angus herd consists of:

  • 100 head Pedigree breeding cows
  • 50 young replacement heifers
  • 20 young bull sfor sale
  • 5 Stock Bulls

Breeding stock from the Tofts herd have been sold around the UK and Northern Ireland as well as being exported around the world to Colombia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, Poland, Russia and the USA. ‘Tofts’ Elite and Philanderer were both listed in the US sire of the year awards. Recent sales of ‘Tofts’ breeding stock has led to the establishment of successful herds of Belhaven, Bowmont, Eildon and Treebridge.

Currently we aim to produce superior suckler cows that are bred to breed top quality beef cattle. Our targets are quite simple, to ensure that the end products (finished cattle) meet the specifications that the market place requires. In this case our steers must finish off grass at 600kgs, grading R 4 L or better and our heifers 100kgs lighter.

To achieve this we utilise Aberdeen Angus genetics, which enable us to breed an efficient, productive and moderate size cow weighing 650/700kgs. We are prepared to search the world looking for better genetics and learn more from people’s experiences and techniques. We currently use Breedplan to record our herd performance using EBV’s and weight records.

We expect our cows to:

  1. Wean calves that weigh 350kgs at 300 days
  2. Produce 10+ natural calves in a lifetime
  3. Heifers to calve at 2 years old
  4. 365 day calving interval
  5. Maintain 650kgs live-weight
  6. Live outside in the winter

Our young bulls are selected for conformation and growth and are performance tested annually on a forage-based ration. These bulls are sold either privately or at society sales. Heifers are retained or sold as breeding females to an ever-expanding list of customers. Tofts Aberdeen Angus cattle frequently present at national and local shows. As well as selling stock bulls and breeding females at Stirling and Carlisle bull sales and ‘The Blacks in the Borders’ female sale.